Hi I Have Quite Pronounced Lumps in my Lips

Hi I have had dermal fillers in my lips. I unfortunately didn't know that the practitioner injected permanent fillers into my lips. I am aware that fillers have side affects but I wasn't told about the long lasting effects that it has had . My lips are lumpy and discolored. I cant smile anymore. To eat an apple for example is really painful. I cant even Kiss my husband anymore. I trusted , stupidly I admit , the advice of the surgeon. The filler that the Thai surgeon used was BeautyFill

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Bumps after dermal filler injection

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Beautyfill® is an injectable Calcium Hydroxyapatite based filler that sounds very similar to Radiesse used here in the US. It needs to be injected at a deeper level than most hyaluronate fillers. It is not permanent but it can last a long time, as long as a few years. Unlike hyaluronates there is nothing you can inject that would dissolve it. Your only option then is to have a surgeon cut the lip, preferably on the inside, and take out the material. There is no way to predict improvement if any in the pain or movement after doing so.

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