Am I Prone to Keloids? (photo)

I have a keloid on the bottom of my chin around the throat area and I believe that's the only keloid I have. I would like to get piercings and tattoos but my doctor and my mom isn't sure if I will keloid again. Also, I've had surgery done twice so it went down. Will I get a keloid if I get my nose and ears pierced ?

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Comanagement of scars in patients prone to keloids

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There is a finite possibility you will develop a keloid.  You may want to have a keloid expert, like myself, comanage your scars if you do decide to undergo the procedure.

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Potential keloiding

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If you pierce your nose and it does keloid, trust me, it will be virtually impossible to restore the appearance and you will have permanent scarring. As for the ears, you are at risk for keloidal scarring and the use of certain metals and costume jewelry will place you at even higher risk. I would take a very conservative approach here, particularly with the nose.

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