Treatments For Prominent Malar Bags?

I have had these malar bags aka prob with orbitomalar ligament since birth. I am a 43 yr old female and it has gotten worse as I have gotten older. I hate them! I just had radiesse put in my cheeks with only a slight improvement. My left cheek is worse than my right. I want them gone completely! I hate looking in the mirror. What will make these go away completely? I noticed my daughter has these too.

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Eyelid Bags and Tired Look

The best treatment is surgery.  My technical preference is to mobilize the entire soft tissue cover over the cheek, double the orbicularis muscle over, elevate the cheek to create a youthful contour, secure the elevated cheek soft tissue to underlying bone, and remove excess skin.  If there is a lower lid hollow, I will add fat repositioning to fill this area.  The results have been gratifying for our patients.

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