Could I Have A Prominent Blue Temple Vein Remove At 30 Years Of Age? And Would It Be Safe?

I have a Prominent Blue Temple Vein, that goes from corner of my eyebrow back across my temple to my hair line. I had all my bloods tested and they are all normal and also had a MRi scan and it was also normal. Would it be safe to have it treated, removed at 30 years of age? If it can be treated, removed what would be the best treatment? nd: yag laser? Or sclerotherapy? If it is removed would it casue any other problems or would it cause other veins to buldge? Thanks in Advance. Liam

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Treatment of temple veins - Buffalo Niagara, NY

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It would have been nice if you had provided a high resolution picture of your temple for best guidance ... 

In most cases, it is not necessary to get blood work as these are veins and unless there is a pulse associated with these vascular structures, it is not likely to be temporal arteritis. An MRI is also unnecessary in planning treatment for temple veins. 

Treatments include RF, microphlebectomy, laser  therapy (KTP or Nd YAG) or sclerotherapy. 

Sclerotherapy is very effective in treating temple veins and periorbital veins. 

Sclerotherapy or laser.

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Either sclerotherapy or laser can be used to treat this vein regardless of your age.  My preference would be sclerotherapy and I would recommend that you see someone with experience doing sclerotherapy on facial veins.Treating and removing it should not cause any problems with any other veins.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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