Prolonged Swelling After 10 weeks? (photo)

I'm still just as swollen as I was 3-4 days post op. It has now been 10 weeks and I still have a gut! I've been back to my PS 3-4 times with my concerns and he has unsuccessfully reassured me that this is normal. I had a full TT with MR and lipo in my upper tummy ,flanks and back. I'm finally walking upright but I feel super tights in my lower stomach and sides. I'm concerned that something isn't right. Kinda feeling regretful.....

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Prolonged swelling

I'm sure that you still have some swelling as it usually takes a good 3-4 months for it to resolve. You might also have a little residual fat that could not be removed. If that is the case it is very easy to do a little liposuction after you are completely healed to get you over the hump.

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