What Causes the Profractional XC Laser to Leave a Pinhole Pattern? Is It Permanent?

I just had a Profractional XC laser treatment 2 weeks and 3 days ago. There are pinhole marks EVERYWHERE. They are creating diagonal lines across my face. And the texture of my skin is dull and dead. I am devastated. Are these marks permanent? They are NOT going away. Also, can a traditional CO2 or Ebrium yag laser help remove the lines (which are made up of the pinholes). How can this be corrected. I'm horrified. Please help with some advice! I'm having panic attacks everyday!

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Still very early days, the majority of marks will fade within 3 months.

The holes or grids as we call it is due to the laser itself. It uses fractional technology that treats only part of the skin, and hence the grid patterns. This is seen in EVERYONE after fractional laser, this includes lasers such as fractional CO2, fractional RadioFrequency, and of course erbium (Profractional). 
The good news is that with good skin care- sunprotection, and moisturisers, the vast, vast majority of cases of grids will resolve. 

I have seen 2 cases of grids referred to me that are permanent, however the fix is easy- fully ablative laser, down to the base of the grid. So, a fix is there, but time will heal the majority of cases. 

Dr Davin S Lim
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