Diagonal Lines From Profractional XC Laser

I am exactly 2 weeks out from a Profractioal XC laser treatment and have terrible diagonal lines on the area that was lasered. Do these go away? I've been reading all the posts and it seems that they do NOT go away on people who have had this particular laser. My doctor says they will go away with time. But she also says she's never seen them on any patients before, therefore, I am concerned. She is a board certified dermatologist. I am devastated. Can someone please advise. Thanks!

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Do lines from Profractional XC laser go away?

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A photograph of what you are describing would be very helpful.

Usually fractional laser treatment leaves pinpoint holes in the skin for 1-3 weeks.  I am not familiar with diagonal lines.

Fractional lasers work by vaporizing tiny vertical columns of skin. How large a percentage of skin is vaporized and how much is left untreated is decided based on what needs to be treated (wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, etc) and how aggressive the treatment is going to be. The percentage varies from 5% to 30%. 

The untreated skin tightens around those tiny vaporized columns, and because those columns are an injury to the skin, the process stimulates new collagen and elastin deposition in the dermis.  So there is both tightening and replenishment of collagen that goes on.  This process of repair and regeneration takes a few weeks to months.

In the first couple of weeks after the treatment, those little holes in the skin are visible but then heal in, repairing the sun damage, scarring, wrinkles, etc. 

Please send a photograph of what you are describing.  It will be possible to evaluate this better.

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