Profractional XC - 600 Micron, 22% Around the Mouth Area - Aggressive?

I am trying to find out if my Profractional XC treatment was considered an aggressive, moderate or mild treatment. I only had the treatment around the mouth area. My settings were 600 microns, 22%

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Thickness of dermis and depth of profractional resurfacing around the mouth

The thickness of the epidermis on the face is approximately 100 microns.  The thickness of the dermis varies with forehead being thinnest and area around the mouth, upper and lower lip (not vermilion but skin) being quick thick around 2500-3000 microns.

600 microns is not mild treatment.  For me it would fall in the moderate category, that would reach quite a few superficial wrinkles and improve the perioral skin texture.

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