Is It Ok to Get Profractional Treatments for Acne Scares While Still Using Epiduo Cream Daily for Some Small Acne Breakouts?

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Depends... the rule is to always get acne under absolute control before more.

OK, here is the real deal- if you continue to break out and this results in scars, the whole aim of removing or improving scars has been defeated. Most specialist dermatologist would like to control acne BEFORE laser. I am in that school of thought, and it is to your advantage to make sure you will not scar further. So to answer your question, ensure that your acne is non scarring before laser. 

We use RF or radiofrequency as the preferred method of acne scar remodelling, if you are on any acne treatment. What you say actually makes sense, as remodelling scars early, rather than later is the best way to deal with acne scarring. RF, unlike laser, does not break skin. 

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