Profractional, Acne Scars and Vitiligo

Is profractional laser treatment recommended for someone with acne scars AND Vitiligo? My cosm surgeon said I will need min 3 treatments & possibly fillers for some of the deeper scars. Does that sound right? Background I am E.Indian of SkinType4. See pic for acne scars. I have Vitiligo, tho no vit scar noticed on injury. My surgeon doesnt think profractional will cause any Vit issues. But I have asked him to do a test patch first and wait for 6 wks before we do the full face. Good idea??

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Erbium ProFractional can help BOTH acne scars and vitligo....but- read more

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Did you know that fractional laser can also treat vitligo? So the answer is yes. You may get some PIH or darkening of the skin after the laser treatment. I personally would do a test spot, given the history of vitligo. With darker skin types, you will require more treatments than someone who has lighter skin. Possibly 4-7 treatments. 
Good luck with your treatment. 


Dr Davin Lim
Laser and cosmetic dermatologist
Brisbane and Gold Coast

Profractional for acne scars and vitiligo

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Absolutely. That is a great idea. Test patches are a must prior to doing any laser treatments. Since you have Vitiligo I would recommend you have some microneedling treatments done (minimum 1.5mm-2.0mm). If done by a professional, these treatments will improve your acne scars a substantial amount.   

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