What's the Best Way to Close Up Two Gaps Right In the Front on Both Bottom and Top? (Visuals)

the first 2 pics are 3d images of my teeth 40 weeks after invisalign treatment,i havent started treatment yet. my dentist said he could fill the 2 gaps white composites or something like that,basically the same stuff as the white fillings i have but isnt the gap to big to look natural with composites an orthadont i saw said to use invisalign to close these gaps,he gave me this code poss 1PR between 11,21 and 31-41 is using invisalign a much more common natural way to fix this problem

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Invisalign vs composite

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Your dentist can always close the gap with composite and you can ask him/her to remove it if you don't like it, or he can show you a wax-up of your teeth.  Invisalign with IPR (which is reshaping the contact between your teeth) can also close those spaces.  gthe advantage of invisalign is you don't have to worry about fillings on your teeth.

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