Can Some Professionals Please Give Me Advice on the Best Way to Close the 2 Gaps You See on my 2 Front and Bottom

the first 2 pics are 3d images of my teeth 40 weeks after invisalign treatment,i havent started treatment yet.

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Correcting left over gaps after Invisalign treatment

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There are several options in reducing or eliminating these types of gaps commonly refered to as "dark triangles" where the gingival tissue is missing between teeth.  The Invialign program can be modified to allow for interproximal reduction (IPR) which is a recontouring of the teeth between the 2 teeth where the gap exists and then they can be pulled closer together.  Also bonding can be done after Invisalign to close the gaps with tooth colored material.  Further, veneers can be placed on the two teeth with the space in order to reshape them after Invisalign treatment.  Current concepts in gingival surgery may also allow some tisuue improvements but this is usually challenging.  Talk to your Invisalign dentist and have him consult with his periodontist (gum specialist).  Good Luck and ask for all options and their risks, benefits, and costs.

The Best Way to Close the 2 Gaps You See on my 2 Front and Bottom

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We see cases likes this all the time, and it is very common that after Invisalign treatment , gaps start to show at the gum line, specially if you had some crowding. Do not worry, there is a solution that will give that beautiful smile an aesthetic touch that will keep you happy for the rest of your life.We often use veneers to cover chipped or discolored teeth, and to fill minor gaps by creating a veneer that is slightly wider than the natural tooth.By combining today’s technology with exceptional skill and care, anyone can have the smile of their dreams.Porcelain veneers are custom-made to fit perfectly over a patient’s original teeth, and the procedure can be completed in just two visits to our office.A beautiful smile doesn’t just improve self-esteem: studies show that it can also have a strong effect on social and career success.

Pamela Marzban, DDS
Fairfax Dentist

Closing space with invisalign

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When you have teeth that are triangular in shape there can be a dark triangle left at the gum line that is not acceptable to the patient. The easiest way to fix this is by reshaping the teeth with a procedure called interproximal reduction and then finish by pulling the the teeth closer together. You can always bond the teeth or place porcelain veneers to also close the space.

Zola A Makrauer, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist

Closing black triangle spaces between teeth after invisalign.

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This is a very common problem after adult orthodontics.  It happens because the gum tissue does not remodel very predictably in adults.  The actual space may be smaller or larger than is shown on the 3D image.  There are 5 options, all assume that you undergo the proposed treatment and then:

1) Flatten the teeth where they touch and move them closer together, this makes a broader contact of the teeth and thus the space gets smaller or disappears.  Your upper teeth are very narrow so this may not be ideal.

2) Use dental bonding to add to both teeth and fill in the gap.

3) Use dental porcelain veneers to fill in the gap.

4) On the lower teeth we can sometimes squeeze the roots closer and that may lessen the gap.

5) Do nothing at all as this may turn out to be a non-issue, if it still is do one of the above.

Discuss with your doctor first and feel comfortable about the options.


Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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