Will Invisalign work for me or do I have other options? (photos)

I had a root canal on #13 several years ago. Recently, my dentist discovered a cavity under the filling (never got crowned). My Ortho gave me two options, either I get it retreated and then crowned and proceed with Invisalign, or extract it as well as both lower premolars and do traditional braces (already missing premolar on top right quadrant). Unfortunately, I am only willing to do Invisalign. He said, if I were to only extract #13, I would end up with an underbite.  Professional opinions on specific Invisalign case. Do I have any other options? Is he correct?

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Will Invisalign work for me?

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I'm curious why your orthodontist is offering two completely different treatment plans. Invisalign and traditional braces are simply two tools to accomplish the same treatment plan. Just because you're using a different tool doesn't mean you can't accomplish the same treatment. In other words, if treatment can be done without extractions using Invisalign, the same treatment can be done with conventional braces. 

I would highly recommend that you NOT extract any teeth. There is no reason to extract teeth and you will be extremely unhappy with the final results whether you extract one tooth or three.

I would recommend retreating the root canal and getting a new crown and then doing either Invisalign or traditional braces. If you choose to use Invisalign you may have to settle with a couple of small compromises. The very best treatment for you (in my opinion) would be to develop your arches first. This can be done with simple, comfortable removable appliances that look and feel much like retainers, then you could use Invisalign and get much better results without any compromises.

Good luck!

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