Is It Better to Do Professional Home Kits 7 Days Before Zoom Teeth Whitening?

I have made an appointment to have zoom teeth whitening and the dentist has told me I should do a professional home kit for 7 days before the zoom whitening. Is this necessary or are they just trying to make more money?

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Home Whitening Not Necessary Before Zoom

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I do not feel that it is necessary at all to use a home whitening system before doing the in office Zoom procedure.  We have used Zoom for 8 years now and the results are fantastic. The procedure will take about two hours in the office and your teeth will instantly be several shades lighter.   We make you take home trays and ask you to use them for a few days following  the Zoom whitening procedure.   Following this regimen will give you the best long term results. 

Zoom and Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits Before or After

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We do not use Zoom in our practice because we have found so many patients had sensitivity issues. We currently use Kor Whitening by Rod Kurthy. It is the only product that blocks sensitivity through the entire treatment process and can break up any dark stains on your teeth. Many people have teeth that are "whitening resistant" and get little or no results. Teeth darken from the natural aging process and it has taken these teeth to a whole new level of white with our patients.  Also they stay white!  As far as Zoom goes, I would  recommend you have the Zoom in office procedure done first and then follow up with the take home whitening to keep them white. I am assured this product works fine, but I find much better results and happier patients with Kor Whitening. There are many whiteing treatments out there, and by using realself, and other sites like this, you are doing your research.  That is great!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Zoom and Take-Home Whitening Work Better Together

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I agree whith all the above answers.  In my practice, we always include a take-home whitening kit with every Zoom in-office proceedure. Our patient uses this after the Zoom session. The Zoom system rarely can achieve the whitest result alone.  The fact is it takes SEVERAL DAYS for the carbamide peroxide molecule to penetrate the enamel layer.  Enjoy your whiter smile!

Dustin Nelson, DDS
Pasadena Dentist

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Take home whitening

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I have seen the best results by doing a week of take home custom made whitening trays, after the zoom procedure.  A week of whitening before the zoom procedure may cause sensitivity in certain people.

Tray Whitening 7 days before zoom

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Every dentist whitens teeth differently.  In my office we recommend touch up after the zoom appointment not before.  In my opinion doing it before can increase the chance of sensitivity during the zoom procedure.  The dentist is not trying to make more money just get better results

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Professional home whitening and zoom whitening.

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I feel that at home whitening works well to get your teeth their whitest if used after the zoom whitening or in-office whitening treatment. It's not a money maker as we usually include a take home kit for all of our in-office whitening patients. Hope this helps.

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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