What products can I use or combo of fillers to achieve an extreme cheekbone and under eye.

I'm looking to get a look similar to Kim Kardashian cheekbones and definition. I want an extreme plump defined cheek.

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Getting Kim Kardashian Cheeks

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I always like to recommend that patients try on a reversible procedure before making any permanent commitments. So for your desire for KK cheeks, look into the new Juvederm VOLUMA filler. It's a hyaluronic gel that is specifically designed for cheek enhancement. Voluma is instant so you'll see right away what it's capable of doing.

It's still new to the U.S. market but claims are up to 2 years longevity. If you like it, then periodic touch ups should keep you looking the way you like as long as you like and you can make necessary adjustments as you age.

Another alternative is Sculptra,which does an amazing job of actually sculpting your features. Often it is strategic placement that accentuates features more than a particular product itself.

You can also opt for actual cheek implants , though this is surgical and some implants have been known to shift position.

For a low risk and nonsurgical approach, Voluma or Sculptra would be the first options. Radiesse can be used for cheek augmentation too, but it is not without a short period of "hardness". Injection placement and technique are crucial for all fillers. Look for a board certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon who has plenty of experience with structural fillers.

As for under-eye filler, my vote goes to Restylane. Micro-Cannula injections make many filler procedures nearly painless and often negates the bruise risk altogether.

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