Best Product for Stretch Marks on the Breasts?

I just had BA and went from a very small A to 425 High Pro Silicone Gel Implants. I have noticed some small stretch marks on the under side of my breasts and was curious if anyone else has tried a product that worked well. Im 25 and in very good shape/health. I dont smoke or drink so nothing like that would deter from a great healing process.

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Stretch Marks on the Breasts?

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Stretch marks are an injury response to the stretching of skin that accompanies weight gain, pregnancy, breast augmentation in some patients. 

My overall impression of the various remedies is not favorable. I do note that mederma has a product which they back with a money back guarantee, so if you want to try something, that is fairly inexpensive, and if if fails, you can get a refund.

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Stretch marks

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By definition stretch marks are tears or injury to the deeper layer of the skin. I do not know of any products that are truly effective. Some patients use cocoa butter and think it helps.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

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