What is the Best Procudure to Get Rid of Large Amount of Brown Spots, Freckles on my Back?

I have had a IPL treatment on my back. Just one treatment, and they are not crusting over like they should. They are raised, will I need another procedure. Or is there something better out there to remove these ugly spots on my back?

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Lasers and IPL in skilled hands are the safest.

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If the freckles are small and almost confluent, IPL or a long - pulse alexandrite laser works well. If the freckles are larger (3+ mm) and separated by normal skin, prefer to individuallly shoot each freckle with a long pulse alexandrite laser or a Q-switch ruby or alexandrite laser. TCA peels can also be used in skilled hands.,

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Treatment of brown spots on the back

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I would like to define some skin lesions before answering the question. Freckles are just a change in pigmentation. There is no substance to them, and they tend to be light brown or tan and slightly translucent. There are also absolutely flat moles or nevi that can be any shade or tan to brown but these are usually not translucent. Moles can also be elevated above the surface of the skin. In addition many people have these tan to dark brown warty skin lesions that appear to be stuck on the skin, called seborrheic keratoses. Freckles may respond very well to IPL because they are just a pigment alteration. Flat moles may also, however, it is not recommended to treat moles with IPL. Moles should be left alone or excised to make sure the entire lesion is removed. Benign moles don't need to be removed a all. Before any treatment of pigmented lesions on the body, you need to have an examination by a board certified dermatologist to determine what the lesions are and whether it is safe and effective to treat these lesions with IPL. Melanoma in it's early stages can also appear to be just a flat pigmented freckle. For lesions that have a substance, like raised moles or seborreic keratoses, IPL may make them lighter but will do nothing for the substance, as it only affects pigment. Finally, supposing the lesions are freckles and IPL is the appropriate treatment, you may not see very much of a change after the first treatment. Usually the first treatment is as much diagnostic as it is therapeutic, where we determine what your skin's response to treatment is. Lesions that

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IPL is very effective to remove brown patches and freckles. IPL does not remove brown color keratoses.

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Dear writer, IPL is very effective to remove brown patches and freckles. IPL does not remove brown color keratoses, such as seborrheic keratoses. Consult your doctor to make sure whether you have this type of growths. They can be brown, scaly and raised. They will not respond so well to IPL, but they may be effectively removed via 'cold therapy' with liquid nitrogen, depending on their size by electrodessication, and also in some cases with chemical peels or even other types of lasers. For your freckles and any flat brown spots, however, the IPL is an excellent choice. You may not be seeing a lot of crusting after your first treatment because the majority of doctors perform the first session typically at low to medium energy levels, to ensure that good results are also accompanied by a safe outcome. This is a very appropriate way to start IPL treatment. I hope this information was helpful. Dr. Bowes.

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