What Procudure Would I Need for my Chin? (photo)

So basically, my chin is extremely large. What would need to be done to reduce it, and how much would it cost (English Pounds).

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Vertical Chin Reduction Osteotomy

You ideally would benefit by a vertical reduction genioplasty as your chin is very long. The vertical bone height would be reduced by at least 10mms. Snce you do not have a frontal photograph I can not tell if your chin would also benefit by width reduction also to make it more narrow. Most likely as a female you would need that also to get a true three-dimensional change to your chin. All costs included put fees in the range of $6500.

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Chin reduction

Your chin looks too long vertically and under projected, and I would think that based on that one picture a reduction osteotomy and advancement would correct things.  Typical costs for this (in USD) range from $4-6000.

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