Why Do You Process the Fat from Lipo Before Injecting It into the Butt?

Why Do You Process the Fat from Lipo Before Injecting It into the Butt?

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Brazilian butt lift and processing the fat

There are many different ways to treat the fat prior to the fat injection. There is no one best way to treat the fat. Your goal is to get the maximum out of fat survival.

One thing you do need to do is to separate the fat from the fluid, the blood and oil from ruptured fat cells. And there many ways to do this, you can let the fat sit, spin the fat or strain the fat. Some people think that that should not be exposed to air. Some people think antibiotics should be  added to the fat. Some people think stem cells from the bloodstream had to the fat.

At this point no one knows all the answers but each doctor has to do what works best for them.

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Processing fat before brazilian buttock lift

The fat needs to be separated from the fluid and blood in order to achieve a better graft take. Pure fat is going to yield more volume and better results. The fat is also mixed with antibiotics to help minimize infection. Some harvesting techniques are done in a closed system which strains the fat automatically-without exposure to the air. Concentrated fat gives better results than dilute fat.

Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for more information.

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Fat is processed before injection in order to improve survival and minimize infection

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The technique each surgeon prefers will vary, but as long as you choose a surgeon with experience and the pleasing results to back up their technique, you should be fine.

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Fat Concentration Injectable Buttock Augmentation

The purpose of processing liposuction aspirate is to ensure that the what is injected is as much concentrated fat as possible. This will give the best chance for the volume that is injected to survive and get the best buttock enlargement result as possible. If not processed, a significant portion of what is injected will be liquid (blood, free lipids, tumescent solution) which will be absorbed quite quickly. Intact fat and stem cells need to be injected  and transplanted. 

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Why do you "process" the fat prior to Brazilian Butt Lift?

Fat for BBL is harvested via liposuction. Although this is done under lower negative pressures as opposed when the fat is discarded, it still needs to be purified and concentrated. The tumescent solution needs to be removed and the broken cells and oils need to be removed. One wants to inject the healthy fat cells which have the highest chance of survival.

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Processing the fat removes the tumescent fluid


Whenever liposuction or fat harvesting is performed tumescent fluid is placed to both numb and to reduce the amount of bleeding in the area.  Tumescent fluid is usually similar to IV fluids that you get when you are dehydrated plus Lidocaine (numbing medication) plus epinephrine (the medication that reduces bleeding).  If you were to simply inject what you got from fat harvesting without processing the fat you would inject some fat and some tumescent fluid.  The fluid would go away in a day or so and the total volume that you thought you had in there would decrease abruptly.  The main reason, therefore, is for accurate volume.  It also helps to remove the blood since this can impact the survival of the fat.

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