What Procedures/treatments Are Effective at Treating Hypopigmented Scars from Cutting?

I have several old hypopigmented vertical line scars on my forearms from cutting. They are still so noticeable that I have worn cardigans every summer for the past 10 years. The only thing that seemed to make a small difference was silicone gel sheets, but the scars are still too raised to effectively cover with make up. I have read about Derma Rollers - can these help the improve the look of scars? Could a W plasty, Z plasty or Excimer or Erbium lasers be options with this type of scarring?

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Tough problem to treat..

Your scars would be pretty difficult to completely hide at that location.  A W plasty or Z plasty would most likely end up looking worse at this location (imagine a bunch of z's on there instead of straight lines).  Excimer laser would not help at all....it is indicated for things like psoriasis or vitilgo, not scarring.  Erbium laser may help slightly, but it would not be my first choice.  I would give the Fraxel laser a try.  It won't erase the marks, but it could help make them less noticeable.

The silicone gel sheeting is not a bad idea, but it will only really help with the raised portion of the scar; the whiteness would still remain afterwards.  In my opinion, Derma rollers are a scam, and I don't think that they would help at all.

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