Best Procedures for Sagging Brow Area and Jowls?

My eyes look tired all the time now because of the sagging brows and I'm starting to develop jowls. My mouth seems to turn a little downward now as well. What can be done to help? Thank you in advance.

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Browlifts and facelifts for sagging brows and jowls

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Basically, gravity gets us all in time. Some more than others. What you are describing would generally indicate the need for a facelift to address the lower face, jawline, jowls and neck plus a browlift to elevate the eyebrows. Make sure to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for this.

Choosing a procedure for brow lifting and jowl removal

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Welcome to the aging process. Although it is not fun it is better than the alternative. Without a photo and/or face to face examination it is impossible to say what would be best in your given situation. The options available run the gamut from minor no incision procedures like botox and filler injections to mild, moderate or aggressive surgery. It is important not to do the more aggressive things to early in life. After all you will continue to age no matter what surgery or procedure you have.

If you want a more detailed response specific to your needs you can reask this question on realself accompanied by facial photos from a few angles or see a plastic surgeon face to face. To find a surgeon near you you can visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website at , call the department of plastic surgery at your local or nearest univeristy hospital or ask your family doctor or other doctor you trust for a referral.

The usual process is to find a doctor first or visit with a few doctors and then pick a procedure/doctor to address an area of concern. You are working it the other way around in finding a procedure first and then a doctor.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Sagging Brows

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Without a picture, it is impossible to give you specific advice. However, the aging face in general can benefit from a brow lift, belpharoplasty and facelift. Which procedures are best for you can be determined in consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Sagging and laxity of forehead, mid-face, and jowls/jawline

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Essentially we anatomically divide the face into 3 parts. The upper, middle, and lower 1/3 and have developed procedures to treat these, You are describing sagging and laxity for all 3 which would be addressed with a brow or forehead lift, mid-face lift, and lower face lift, respectively.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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