Options for Mild Jaw / Chin Asymmetry?

I have mild chin/jaw asymmetry where one side of my mandible juts out and the other side is deficient. My chin is off the midline of my face and deviates towards the right. I want to avoid sliding genioplasty if I can. Are there any other procedures that can fix mild jaw/chin asymmetry? I was thinking possibly chin shaving on one side. I like the look of it when I cover part of my chin with my hand. Thank you.

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Opting for a less intensive procedure than orthognathic surgery is understandable and there are other alternatives to a sliding genioplasty to correct mild asymmetry of the jaw and chin.  Bone shaving could be an option as well as dermal fillers into the chin and or jaw line.  For some patients I recommend trying a dermal filler as their first option.Dermal fillers are ideal for a patient to “try on” a certain look before having a more invasive procedure such as bone shaving.  However, without a physical examination it is almost impossible to offer an opinion as to which procedure would work best for you.  I recommend finding a board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon to discuss your options for getting the look you wish to achieve.  Your surgeon should also discuss the procedures and their risks in great detail so that you can make an educated decision about which procedure will work best for you.

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