What Procedures/options Do I Have to Fix my Eyes?

Aside from the asymmetry in my eyes which I've had since birth, I've noticed that they look completely different in the morning than they do in the evening. I'm only in my late 30s, so I don't want to have an eyelid lift right now. I'm really unhappy with the sunken, triple eyelid that is happening now in the evenings, and my right lid has started to fold lower to the eyelash line than previously (at a wrong crease). Photo shows eyes in the AM on top and PM on bottom. Is surgery the only fix?

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Surgical correction poor Asian eyelid asymmetry

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be very careful about who you choose for consultations for your issue. Skin removal may not be the answer for you at all given your age or what appears to be your age. This is a very common issue that I deal with in my office every week because my practices primarily Asian patients and majority eyelid surgery. I will attach some information regarding your issue. All that being said basically what you need is stabilization of a single crease. To have this result delivered reliably you most likely will need an incision method. However, removing skin may not be necessary or may even be inadvisable. Be sure you seek consultations with surgeons who have plenty of photo evidence that this is a procedure they performed frequently.

I'll attach some information for you.  there are two videos available here that will be informative for you. I will attach the ptosis video but you do not actually have ptosis from what I can tell. After this be sure to get a number of in person consultations as there is no substitute for a good physical exam.

Chase Lay, MD

double board certified facial plastic surgeon and Asian eyelid specialist

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Correction of Asian Upper Eyelid Asymmetry

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There are no nonsurgical fixes to your eyelid concerns. Removing 1 to 2 mms of eyelid skin folds, slightly different amount between the two sides, would offer the only solution to your Asian eyelid concerns. The key is a very small skin removal placed along the correct fold.

Asymmetric Swollen Eyelids

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Anytime that things fluctuate (worse in morning and better in afternoon) we need to look at what we like/dislike.  Surgery may assist with some of the other asymmetry you are seeing, but nonsurgical options to rejuvenate this region may also be beneficial.  You might consider skin resurfacing, fillers and Botox also.  You should be very specific as to what your goals are as each treatment options will address different issues.

Jon E. Mendelsohn, MD
Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgeon
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