It It Better to Have 2 or More Procedures in Same Op or Different Ops?

I would like breast augementation & eyelid surgery. Should i do them in same op or at different times ? Dilema is that i feel different surgeons specialise in different operations so would have to find one whos great at both.However i would prefer to get them both done together to save recovery time/cost/time off work. Also is it safe to have both in terms of anaestetics? surgeon getting tired etc? & If separately how long would i have to wait between ops & which would be better to have first?

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Is it better to have 2 procedures done at same surgery or separately?

Combining procedures have some advantages (probably a slightly lower cost, one recovery, one anesthetic), but there can be some just depends on the procedures involved.  Combining a relatively short procedure such as blepharoplasty with another surgery that is also not too long in duration (augmentation) is usually not a problem and does not pose much risk.  I, on the other hand, would usually discourage my patients from adding a long 3-4 hour procedure to another long procedure such as a tummy tuck, as we worry that the risk of problems such as deep venous thrombosis (a blood clot in the leg) may increase in very long surgeries.

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Combining Procedures

Yes you can combine breast augmentation and eyelid surgery, but it depends on the eyelid surgery. Some people need a brow lift with upper eyelid surgery. Some need lower eyelid surgery only. Both upper and lower at the same time with breast augmentation would be to much in my opinion.  Also the choice of above vs below the muscle would have an impact on recovery . Having said that I will usually separate the face from the breast and not combine them .  With the breathing tube in the surgical field and implants being placed in the breast , I would rather avoid a chance of contamination. I like to wait 6 weeks between surgeries. 

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Multiple procedures

Yes, it is very common to combine multiple procedure and I perform them very often.  It makes sense in financial terms as well as recovery. The only limitation would be if you hads health issues or if the procedures would take a long time. In your case both procedures can be completed in a timely manner by a skilled surgeon.

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Combined Plastic Surgery Procedures.

Do separate or together.  Your choice.  Certainly eylids and breasts can be done at the same time and they can be done separately.  A personal choice.  Either is safe and logical.    Dr George Commons, MD

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Breast augmentation and Eyelid surgery

It is very common to combine procedures in a single surgical session as long as it is done judiciously.  The typical limitation is based on time and the goal is to have all the procedures  completed in less than six hours. This is for safety reasons and based on findings that show that surgeries that take longer than that usually have a higher risk of complications. A breast augmentation and a blepharoplasty together should take much less time than that. 

Most board certified plastic surgeons will have the training and experience to place breast implants and do eyelid surgery.  However, discuss this with your plastic surgeon and see if he or she is comfortable doing both procedures.  If not, they will usually be able to refer you to someone who is.

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Multiple surgery

It depends on the procedures being combined.  A breastlift with implants may be fine.  An abdominoplasty with major breast surgery may also be fine but in the right patient candidate.  If the procedures are more difficult in a particular patient, the anesthesia time may be too excessive and lead to increased risk of complications.  Consult with your surgeon for your specific case.  I hope this info helps.

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Breast augmentation with eyelid surgery combo

These are both relatively short procedures, and can certainly be combined together safely, if you desire.  The recovery period would not be significantly longer with the combination.


All the best,

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Breast Implants - And Eyelid Surgery: Okay to Do At The Same Time?

Hi Suzie, UK,

Perfectly reasonable to do breast implants and eyelid surgery at the same time.

In general, it can make a lot of sense to combine procedures, as you consolidate recovery time and will usually have lower costs.  Of course, it depends on what you're combining, and there's a limit as to how much surgery should be performed at any one time.  (And there are no absolutes on what those limits are.)  So from that standpoint, doing those two procedures at the same time is a good plan, and is done routinely.

The different surgeon issue, though, is something you'll have to reconcile.  If you feel that two different surgeons are indicated, then you should not compromise that for the sake of a single recovery.  I often do these procedures together, and I would think that, unless it's an unusually complicated situation, having the surgeon who's doing your implants do your eyes is a reasonable approach.  You'll have to make that decision, though.

But I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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