What procedure(s) can be used to make my mid-section smaller after body lift? (Photos)

I have excess that was not removed with upper and lower body lifts. What would be my next steps for correcting this? In the photos, I show what my waist/trunk look like now and what it might look like if the excess is removed. As well, I show how I can grab handfuls of this excess. Thanks for sharing your perspectives.

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Improve your body shape

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My humble opinion is to do a thorough liposuction all the way around with a special attention to the waist and we may use that fat to transfer into your hips in order to create a difference among waist and hips an create that beautiful ratio.
If that volume on your sides is pure skin, you would probably need a vertical skin resection through a Fleur de Lis incision (And may take advantage of the incision and perform during the same procedure a tight muscle repair in order to achieve a more curvaceous waist line) or lateral incision (which I personally do not like because both are scars very visible).
Be encouraged, whichever you chose for you, will achieve a good result.
Have a great journey.
Dr. Cardenas

Lower body lift contouring

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Lower body lift combined with simultaneous liposuction can help significantly with contouring the abdomen.  Your results appear to be rather good.  It would be interesting to see your preop photos.  Sometimes a vertical scar (or fleur de lis) pattern is used to help tighten the upper abdomen.  This is a considerable scar though, and should be carefully considered.  I'd discuss your options and reasonable expectations with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Joshua Lampert, MD,FACS
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction VASER liposuction torsoplasty 360 body lift upper body lift

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Congratulations on undergoing a 360 lower bodylift and an upper body lift. To address the midsection, I would suggest aggressive liposuction.  This will get rid of the fat in the midsection. With the appropriate liposuction technique and adherence to compression garments postoperatively, your skin should shrink wrap around the areas which had liposuction.  
In addition, I would suggest high def VASER liposuction to your anterior abdominal wall or six pack.  High def VASER liposuction will sculpt your sixpack and define your torso.
If however, you are left with excess skin after lateral torso liposuction and your skin does not shrink wrap, then I would suggest skin excision. This can be accomplished by making an incision from the armpit to the upper hip. This will help to accentuate your hourglass figure.
Hope this helps in your making process. Good luck.

J. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Bariatric Surgery Body Lift

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Your options for shaping your waist include a further skin reduction procedure and or liposuction. It's hard to tell from your pictures what would be best. I would go back to the surgeon who performed your body lift and discuss your options with them.

Post bariatric surgery

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You seem to have a very good result after your abdominoplasty, mons plasty.
As for the waist, you seem to have a lot of fat in the flanks . Liposuction can improve on your waist line.
Samir Shureih MD. FACS

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

How can I get better waist definition?

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Thanks for your photographs.  So far it looks like you have a very nice result from your surgeries.  In terms of crafting a waistline, it depends on how much excess skin you have.  From your pictures, it looks like you had circumferential procedures.  In order to get a more contoured waistline, you may need to have a midline incision to remove the excess tissue. 

The best resource is to discuss this with your plastic surgeon in person. 


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It is difficult to assess your result without seeing your preops but you look like you have had a good result. Further options depend whether this is skin excess or fat you can feel. Fat can be removed by liposuction but skin would have to be removed. Fleur de lys abdominoplasty, reopening the upper bodylift or lower bodylift incision or vertical incisions down the flanks at the sides are all possible but I am unsure whether it would be worth it. You should see your PS for advice. All looks great at the moment.

Gary L. Ross, MBChB, FRCS
Manchester Plastic Surgeon
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