Procedures for Weak Jawline Combined W/ Chubby Lower Cheeks and Neck? (photo)

I have a weak jawline and chubby lower cheeks and neck. Would a chin implant solve all of these or would i also need lipo under my chin and buccal fat removal if i wanted to address these areas?

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Your are correct in your assumption that a chin implant with be beneficial for you. And most likely liposuction under the chin would be needed as well. The benefits of that combined approach would be best determined by computer imaging so you can see difference of chin augmentation alone vs combined with submental/neck liposuction. Partial buccal fat removal with or without perioral liposuction can be beneficial for slimming chubby cheeks as long as too much fat is not removed.

Weak Jawline and Full Lower Cheeks

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A better evaluation of your facial features could be given with frontal and oblique photographs, but based on this lateral photograph I believe you would benefit from a chin implant.  I never remove fat from the face.  Fat keeps the face youthful and as you age you loose fat.  Removing it early makes you look aged.  The heaviness along your jawline and neck could be addressed with liposuction or ultherapy.  Ultherapy is a new non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound to tighten and lift the skin.  You are a perfect candidate for either procedure.

Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

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It would be helpful to have a frontal view to address the buccal fat. Lipo under the neck appears to be useful as does a chin implant.

Weak chin and chubby neck

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Because you are young and look like you probably have reasonable skin, liposuction under the chin and a chin implant will probably be your best bet.  Stay away from buccal fat pad removal as it will not age well.  An in person exam is vital to make final plans.

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