Best Procedures for Extremely Thin, Wrinkled Eye Area with Under Eye Hollows, Dark Circles and Crows Feet? (photo)

I am 33 years old and have an extremely thin, fair, combo skin. My main problem is crepiness under the eyes, deep under eye wrinkles and hollows, dark circles and crows feet. I started developing these at a very young age even though my lifestyle is very healthy (I stay out of sun, don't smoke etc..) I presume these are due to my skin being very thin. Can you please advise what procedures would be the best for me? I attached a series of pictures. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for the photos.

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Laser is not a good idea for you.  This precedes will only accelerate the thinning of your lower eyelid.  However, you appear to be a fantastic candidate for under eye fillers.  I personally believe restylane is the best of these products.

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Laser resurfacing or chemical peel

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Your skin type and problem is ideal for a laser resurfacing procedure. This will address the crepiness you describe and improve the general texture of the skin.

I would not use a CO2 laser, but rather a combination Erbium/CO2 laser that is more gentle and less likely to produce lower lid retraction.

Another less aggressive, but good option would be a strong chemical peel [trichloroacetic acid]. This is slightly less aggressive than a laser resurfacing, but may be enough for you.

Only an inperson examination can determine that however.

Be prepared to have pink skin for a few weeks to months after. And make sure you use SPF 45 or higher and stay out of the sun to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Good luck

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If you look at risk benefit ratios your best bet is a combination of filler to the tear trough and botox of the crow's feet area. Some fillers can contribute to thickening of the skin overlying them.

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