What Procedures Can Be Done to Make Face Look More "Babyfaced" (photo)?

I know babyfaced individuals have a short lower face- but i think a rhinoplasty to shorten the nose would only make my philtrum look longer, no?? Would chin shortening be an option? would cheek implants make any difference? i am 20 and for the past 5 years have been guessed to be 24/25 !

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Be Careful!

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While I would need to see you in profile, please do not do anything to shorten your facial height (e.g. "chin shortening") as this would likely lead to facial disproportion and, more importantly, hasten the apparent aging of you lower face.  Sometimes just the opposite is favored, such as a chin implant or chin lenghtening.  Regarding your nose, again I would need to see the profile view, but it does not appear that your nose requires shortening.  However, tip narrowing could be beneficial, but maneuvers done by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon would be necessary to prevent rotation/shortening.  Finally, your thought about cheek implants is a good one and should be considered.  Don't rush into this---get a couple of in-office consultations from surgeons experienced with these techniques.  Remember, when choosing a physician, the key is that your physician is experienced and can show you their favorable results for your type of situation, not specific "Board" certification.

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