What Would Be The Best Procedures to Create Harmony in a Long Face? (photo)

My concerns are under eye and cheek hollows, overbite, folds in my face, long face and too much space between my nose and my upper lip, what procedures I can do to have a better harmony in the face? fillers would help? where? I was thinking about restylane under my eyes and Perlane in my cheeks.

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Balancing out your face

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The hollow areas can be smoothened using fillers to contour your face and give you a smooth result and he length of your upper lip can be shortened to show more teeth when you smile.  However, faces need to be evaluated in multi-dimensions to get an optimized result.  For longer faces, most patients need to restore volume to balance out their faces.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can help you achieve the goals you desire.


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