What Procedures Would You Choose to Do to Make my Nose Look Like This? (photo)

And could it be done through a closed rhinoplasty? I want to have a more defined and delicate, less round nose but not too thin because I don't think it fits my face. Also, my left nostril is larger than my left as you can see in the pics, so I was wondering if its possible to make a reduction like I did on Photoshop so the lenght of the nostril won't go pass the inner corner of the eyes.

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While it is certainly possible to narrow the nose, it is difficult to give an opinion with only a 1 dimensional picture.  Remember that the nose is a 3 dimensional structure and that is why we always ask for 5 separate photo views so that we can make a recommendation to the patient.  Minor adjustments to the nose can certainly be done through a closed rhinoplasty procedure.

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Thank you for the photographs, but it is difficult to see from the images what exactly you want. An exam in person is key.  Good luck!

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