Which of These Procedures Go Best with Cheek Implants for a Man?

i am getting cheek implants but am also deciding between jaw angle implants, rhinoplasty, oan widening chin implants to help balance out the cheek implants and my other features. I want to achieve a more striking/angular & rectangular/oval facial appearance while still maintaining balance with my other features. Will cheek and jaw angle implants balance my larger nose and ears out without looking odd? Which would be the best procedure for me to combine with the small/medium malar implants?

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Which of These Procedures Go Best with Cheek Implants for a Man?

  Creating the proper aesthetic facial shape with Cheek and chin implants requires an understanding of the proper aesthetics of facial beauty and how that differs between men and women.  IMHO, jaw implants are too problematic and I prefer to shape the jaw line using Radiesse Injections.    

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Creating The Angular More Defined Male Face

Without seeing pictures of you, it is impossible to give you any recommendations or insight. As a general concept, trying to create a more angular or well defined face in male focuses on enhancing the skeletal highlights. This would include the chin, cheeks and jaw angle prominences. The size and shape of the nose may also benefit by being changed. However, the shape of one's face and the thickness of the soft tissues play an important role in what is achievable and how any of these changes can be perceived. You should have computer imaging done for all of these changes so you can see for yourself how each of these procedures may impact your facial look. 

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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