What Procedures Would Be Best for my Uneven Breasts?

I am really self-conscious about my breasts. They are very unattractive and really lower my self confidence. I would like to know what procedure(s) I would need to have done to best correct my breasts and if it is possible to have surgery without the use of implants. thank you for your time.

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Custom shaping asymmetric breasts

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The simplest and probably best single procedure would be to reduce the volume of the left breast to match the right, lift both breasts to a symmetric position, and adjust the areolar size and position to the center of the breast. This should also give the most stable and long-lasting result. If the size of the breasts after this procedure is judged to be too small then the same implants for both sides could be done. 

Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Breast asymmetry

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It certainly looks like you have a tuberous breast on the right with possibly a larger tuberous or at least ptotic high fold breast on the left. Certainly a lift for both would be in order. If you want to enlarger the right, then you will need an implant.

Treatment of tuberous uneven breasts

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You have a tuberous breast on the right. Surgery for that would require release of the constricting band in the lower half of the breast and a star burst pattern incision on the undersurface of the breast tissue to open it up and redistribute the tissue between the upper and lower halves of the breast. The left one would require redistribution of the skin envelope around the breast tissue so it does not appear to droop as much as it does. In order to make them more symmetric you would need an implant on the right or a breast reduction on the left. The reduction for symmetry would leave you with a much smaller than current left breast and I do no think you would be happy with that result.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Uneven breasts

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Thanks for the photo. I recommend a STAGED reconstruction in 2 to 3 operations. The first as Dr Placik stated to reduce/lift the left and lift the right. Second to do adjustments and a possible saline HP implant. Third any scar revisions if needed.


Options for uneven breasts and mammary asymmetry without implants

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You have a complicated problem that is characterized by your right breast being smaller and more constricted (tuberous not tubular) than your left which is larger and more ptotic (sagging). Without using an implant, you would at least require a reduction on the left with a lift. On the right you would benefit from a lift with parenchymal redistribution possibly achieved with a subglandular dissection and radial rexlaxing incisions.  The use of fat grafting is a possibility but not a popular option at this point in time. Given your skin, you are at higher risk for hypertrophic and/or keloid scar formation with higher than average rate of revisionary procedures.

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