Procedures After Chemo? Before Breast Reconstruction Surgery? After Breast Surgery?

I just completed 6 months of chemo for breast cancer. I'm fifty & was considering a neck lift before, but since chemo, my lower face looks as wrinkled as my mother's! (I didn't loose weight, so that's not the problem...) Chemo turns off the estrogen and tamoxifen will as welI. Having bilateral mastectomy/reconstruction next wk. Any reason that I shouldn't get injectables (fillers, botox) prior to breast surgery? Is it safe to get a lower face & neck lift about three wks. after breast surgery?

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Facelift after chemo for breast cancer

It is certainly acceptable to undergo a facelift along with breast reconstruction around the same time frame.  We would recommend at least a month between the 2 surgeries, however it is certainly acceptable to get injectables in the interim.

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Timing of Cosmetic Surgery after Chemotherapy

Your health comes first. If you were a patient of mine I would advise you to wait 3-6 months after the cessation of chemotherapy before considering aesthetic surgery. Period.

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