Procedure to Remove Unusual Nose Bump?

When I was young, I was in a car accident and I hit my nose on the dashboard. After it healed, I have a water-drop-like bump hanging off my nose!

Has anyone ever heard of this?! What surgery do I need and how much is it and will insurance cover it? I can't breathe properly out of one nostril if that helps.

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Functional Rhinoplasty for Nasal Appearance and Function

It sounds like you may have displaced some nasal cartilage in your nose causing the unusual appearance and narrowing of your nasal opening. You need to discuss with your insurance carrier if they will pay for your surgery.

You would need a complete nasal exam to assess the internal and external structures of your nose. A Rhinoplasty would likely address your nasal tip and also remove any blockage from the nasal opening.

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