Procedure or Surgery to Remove Scar Tissue in the Lips?

Eight months ago, my lips were injected with Juvederm. It was hideous. There was a bump on my lip too. I have since had hyaluronidaise injections and the product is gone, but the bump is still there. On the surface, it looks like skin that was once stretched out, and when I press, I feel a hard lump inside. Cortisone injections didnt work either. I did a research online and came to know of people who have had this fixed. How can it be done?

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Lip bump and nodule after lip injections

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I perform lip revision surgery for patients in LA who have filler complications and feel that it is an appropriate step for patients who suffer from lip granulomas and scar tissue. 

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Scar tissue in the lips

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Dear Loress654,

Depending exactly where on the lip this scar is, it can be removed surgically and stitched. This can be done with a technique called a "punch biopsy." The lip heals well. You may also want to try a series of cortisone injections (in case you have only tried one).

Good luck,

Dr. Mariwalla

Kavita Mariwalla, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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