What Procedure is Best to Get Rid of the Most Fat from the Stomach Area?

As Im starting my research, Im coming across more procedures that I have never heard of before. Im 5"5 and 189lbs. Most of my weight is in my stomach area. I was contemplating Smartlipo, but now I've recently come across other avenues. Id like to drop 30-40lbs. I saw that Smartlipo is a guarantee of 12-15lbs. So i was just wondering what procedure is best to get the most fat removed from the stomach area? Thank you

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Consider Smartlipo

Smartlipo would be a good option for you. Smartlipo is the first laser-assisted liposuction system that is minimally invasive for the removal of fat. This procedure will sculpt the body and tighten skin with less downtime and side-effects.

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