Does Procedure Remove Skin Cancer W/lift

skin cancer located on side of face and behind ear on other side of face

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Results of Skin cancer removal

Typically, most Mohs surgeries and the subsequent reconstruction do not result in the equivalent of a face lift or lift. Extensive tumors requiring significant reconstruction may on occasion but this is exception not rule.

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Skin cancer and face lift

If there is the thought of having a face lift but there is suspicion that skin cancer exists near the area of the incision or even elsewhere on the face the skin cancer must be removed completely prior to the facelift. This is to ensure the skincancer won't be left behind and be moved to a new location making it more difficult to treat as a recurrence. Furthermore, the looser skin prior to a face lift could allow an easier closure. I have been referred patients by plastic surgeons prior to face lift to do Mohs micrographic surgery precisely for this reason. Mohs offers the highest chance for cure while keeping the skin defect's size as small as possible. It is great for tissue sparing.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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