What Procedure Would Be Recommended for my Eye Lid, Brow Dropping on One Side? (photo)

Hi I have had a slight unsymetrical side to my eyes for as long as i can remember but never this bad, I have been looking at BROW LIFT EYE LID REMOVAL MINI BROW LIFT WITH BOTOX i am not sure what is going to help as It causing me a lot of confidence issues now as its getting worse with age. please help.

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Asymmetrical eyebrows and eyelids

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The only way to  permanently address asymmetrical eyebrows is with a brow lift . The brow position appears normal in this one  single photograph. The photo shows significant asymmetry of the eyelids therefore a asymmetrical blepharoplasty can be performed with more skin and fat removed from the hooded side, as opposed to the opposite side. We see asymmetrical eyelids very commonly in our practice.

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Upper eyelid Droop

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Thank you for the photograph.  It appears that you have left upper eyelid ptosis (drooping).  This is best addressed by a ptosis repair (tightening of upper eyelid muscle).  This should be performed by a qualified PS or Oculoplastic Surgeon.


Eyelid, brow droop on side

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Hi there, it seems that you have some eyelid and eyebrow asymmetry. One of your lids may be droopy which as a result may be causing your brow on the same side to appear higher.  You may be a candidate for either a nonsurgical procedure (ie Botox) or surgery (lid lift/ptosis surgery).  You should see an Oculoplastic Surgeon for a formal evaluation. Good luck.  

Eyelid asymmetry

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You mostly have a lid crease asymmetry. What should be done depends on which side you prefer. We can raise the right crease or lower the left crease or do a bit of both. There was a time when we would automatically make the right side more like the left side. The modern thinking is the left side looks prematurely hollow and we would seek to reverse that. In the end it is your face and you would need to think hard and decide.

Peter T. Truong, MD
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Facial/eyelid asymmetry

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Need a photo to assess your eyelid/facial asymmetry.  Facial/eyelid asymmetry is not uncommon.  Depending on the exact problem and severity, the solution could be fillers, botox, and/or surgery.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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