What Procedure Would I Qualify for if Any?

I am 47 years old with a BMI of 34.7. I have asthma, otherwise, no medical porblems. I have been trying to lose weight for several years with little success. I am at high risk for DMII (very strong family hx). Any suggestions on which procedure (if any) would be best for me at this point. I still need to lose about 60 pounds.

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Bariatric on your BMI

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With a BMI like you have, it's scientifically demonstrable benefits of bariatric surgery, you must think not as aggressive surgery for weight loss as restrictive surgery (limit the amount of intake) as the gastric band but always prefer a sleeve gastric or gastric plication.

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Am I a candidate for abdominoplasty?

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You are 47 year old with a BMI of 34.7.  I would highly recommend losing as much of the 60 pounds as you possibly can prior to elective surgery.  The risks of complications will decrease with the weight loss as ill your risk of DMII.  I cannot recommend a procedure without seeing your body.  Have you had pregnancies?  If so, how much weight did you gain and/or lose.  Do you have a history of weight flucuations?  Do you tend to carry your weight in your abdomen, breasts, buttocks?  There are many questions to consider and I would want to make the best choice for you to enable you to exercise and incentivize you to have a healthy diet and feel better.  

Thank you

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