Procedure for Ptosis of Left Eye for 18 Year Old Male

My 18 year old son has gone through 6 surgeries for correction of ptosis of the left eye. He has had these surgeries with 3 different ocular plastic surgeons unfortunately without success. The last 2 surgeries a frontalis sling was inserted and a revision was made. Is there any other procedure that can be done to help make the eyes more symmetrical? He acquired ptosis in 8th grade and is now a senior in high school going off to college this fall. He is very self conscience of his eye.

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Eyelid ptosis

Several procedures are available for ptosis correction. At this juncture removal and replacement  or adjustment of the sling along with possible removal of the tarsus (a structure within the eyelid) may offer a more symmetric result.  Additionally I would be curious to know what other surgeries have been performed to better understand your son's situation.

You should also be aware that his right upper eyelid is resting in an abnormally high position (eyelid retraction), adding to asymmetry between the eyelids.  This is likely due to Hering's response- a response by the brain to elevate the eyelids after sensing the left upper eyelid is ptotic. With better positioning of the left upper eyelid, the right upper eyelid should fall to a more normal position.



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