What Procedure to Match Skin Tones Across the Body?

Im a person of color and I have at least three different color skintones. My face is one color, my neck is one color and arms and hands are one color. Are there any procedures that I could check so that I could try to get a more even skin tone?

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Skin of color with different shades

The darker skin may be lightened by seeing a dermatologist who might prescribe a lightening cream. There are risks though, with trying to lighten dark skin to match the other areas. First, you must use sunscreen otherwise the skin that does lighten with the use of the cream can darken quickly.  Also, some people become irritated with the use of lightening cream and any irritation can cause darkening! Finally, there is a rare complication of lightening creams, called acquired ochronosis. In this condition, there is a deposit of pigment, a bluish grey color, in the dermis from the use of the hydroquinone in the lightening cream, and the skin becomes darker. Possibly the use of light chemical peels can help the lightening creams to work better. Tretinoin, a vitamin A prescription cream, may help lighten the dark color but this agent also can cause irritation and darkening in some people.

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