I Am Not Sure What About Which Procedure I Should Look into for my Neck.

Hello! I was born with quite an abnormal neck. As you can see, my neck is quite chubby and it has deep lines as well. I was wondering if liposuction could be performed on my neck or if that was too risky. My neck really takes a toll on my self-confidence. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Chubby abnormal neck

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From the one view in one photo, you look like many patients I have seen with this type of fat distribution. (you may have an enlarged thyroid which your doc must check).

To my knowledge there is no long range prospective random double blinded study that shows Smart lipo is superior for contraction of neck skin.

Non surgical approaches would waste your time and money.

If you are what it looks like you are on one view, a simple fast recovery with an excellent result could be expected from conventional liposuction alone. Even when performing an open surgical lift of the upper part of the neck, I often "close" suction this lower part at the same procedure. It helps when you have over 20 years of experience operating on necks.

Gainesville Plastic Surgeon
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Neck Lift San Diego

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Based on the small photo, you look young, and I see the horizontal creases.  There does not seem to be any significant excess fat or skin, or a muscle problem.  If you presented in my office, I would be considering non-surgical approaches.  First would be skin tightening (Exilis) and second would be very careful and gentle (under magnification with you supine and neck extended intermittently) injection of a 50:50 combination of Juvederm Ultra or Restylane in Sterile Saline.  It is totally safe, reversible, malleable, and would likely soften the creases, which are static.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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How is your thyroid?

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I am not convinced it is chubby beause of fat. some people have fleshy thyroids. lipo would not help. see a board certified plastic surgeon or Ent. they will know the difference.

Rafael C. Cabrera, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

Options for your Neck

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The neck lift is a quick way to reduce jowls, eliminate a double chin, slim the bands of muscle that form the wattle, and tighten neck skin. Often, liposuction alone can help resculpt this area and tighten loose skin. Today with Smart Lipo using laser light can provide finer resculpturing of the neck and jowls. If greater tightening of the skin is required, it can often be done with tiny incisions behind the ear. These procedures can be performed as an outpatient without the need for general anesthesia allowing for a quick recovery. It's possible to do this on a Friday and be back to work on Monday! 

Thermage® is now a safe, non-invasive, radiofrequency (RF) cosmetic procedure that’s clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance. The treatment delivers natural looking results with little to no downtime —on all skin colors, on and off the face, all in a single procedure. Fast and easy, you can even come in during your lunch break and return to work after! 

Thermage® uses radiofrequency technology to heat the deep, collagen rich layers of your skin. The heat helps tighten existing collagen and stimulate the formation of new collagen, which reduces sagging, renews contours, and improves the smoothness and texture of the skin’s surface. Comfort Pulse Technology, including a vibrating handpiece delivers enhanced patient comfort.On the face, Thermage® can treat sagging skin, loose jowls, lack of definition in the jaw line, sagging neck skin (“turkey neck”), wrinkles and fine lines, and lack of definition in the lips.

Michelle Copeland, MD, DMD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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