Which Procedure is More Painful CO2 or Lower Face Surgery Post Surgery?

I have a very low pain tolerance, and I would like to know what is more painful during recovery: CO2 or lower face surgery? I am aware that they achieve different results, but the aftermath is a big deal to me, and I will choose accordingly. In addition, I am equally anxious to know how much pain there is in the recovery for facial fat grafting, and what approximately is the success rate for this procedure in order for me to decide wether it is worth having fat grafting.

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CO2 Laser Pain Tolerance

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The typical post operative recovery from a CO2 laser resurfacing is about a week of some burning and tightness as you would expect with a deep sunburn.  The pain is less if you keep the skin covered with an occlusive ointment. 

A facelift or necklift recovery is a different type of discomfort.  It is more of a tight feeling and usually more numb than painful.  In either of these procedures, oral pain pills are prescribed but rarely do patients take all of them or ask for a refill.

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