What Procedure Will Help with Excess Skin/fat on Armpits? (photo)

I'm 30 this year and since young, I have excess skin on my armpit as shown on pic. I'm not sure if it's skin or fats. To me, it's just stretchy skin & I don't have flabby underarms. I'm slim at 47kg,160cm tall. This skin has cause me to not wear anything sleeveless. I've did some research & came upon into brachioplasty, but it seems extensive since my underarms is no problem. & lipo doesn't seem right either since it's not fat? Could i get help on what procedure should i look at? Thanks!

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Removing Access Skin Under arms?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

You are correct in that arm liting and/or liposuction surgery is not indicated in your case. If the modest amount of redundant infra-axillary skin is bothersome, direct excision of the skin will be necessary. The downside to this operation will be the presence of a scar in the arm pit area;  the scar (especially if wide and/or pigmented) may be more visually bothersome than the “extra” skin. Therefore, you would be wise to consider the pros/cons carefully before deciding to proceed.

I hope this helps.

Excess arm pit skin

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This looks like it is an issue of excess axillary stretched skin.  In my opinion, liposuction will do nothing for this. What you need is an excision of this skin.  In general, the scar heals quite well as it can be placed into the folds of the skin in that area.  The results of this type of surgery is quite satisfying for most patients.  

Good luck

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