What is Procedure for Fixing Lowered Breast?

After a double mastectomy i had silicone breast implants. One month later, i was cleaning a window and felt some pain in one breast and now, it looks a litte lower. If the internal stitches have come undone, what is the procedure for fixing it?

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What is Procedure for Fixing Lowered Breast?

In our practice if you are unhappy with the positioning of your breasts (lower) then we would recommend a lift.  There are three types, periareolar, verticle or lollipop lift and an anchor lift.  Depending on the degree of dropping or sag.

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Breast prosthesis position correction

Go see your plastic surgeon to get evaluated.  If its only mild, perhaps some extra support under your bra in that location will allow the pocket to repair and the implant to stay in its previous position.  But you may need surgery, which would likely involve going through your old incision and repairing the capsule with internal stitches.

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