Procedure for aging hands?

as you age and your hands start to wrinkle , beside lotion is there a procedure that can be done to give them a more youthful appearance?

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Treatment for aging hands

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Hands can be a dead giveaway for aging, especially when a patient has kept up with cosmetic treatments on the face. Problems seen are tissue loss showing the tendons, brown pigmentation, and large veins. The tissue loss can be corrected with fat or other injections with fillers such as Radiesse. The pigmentation can be treated with a variety of lasers such as IPL, and the veins can be injected with sclerosing agents such as Asclera. These treatments can be combined to provide a much more youthful hands.

Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

Hand Rejuvenation Procedures

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Hi Michelle. Yes, there are several options for hand rejuvenation. We offer Restylane and Radiesse to replace fatty tissue loss (this is one part of the wrinkling effect) and we also offer laser treatments for improving the texture and removing sun damage. If the wrinkles are the primary issue, we would probably suggest Radiesse for lost volume. This can help hide the wrinkles by providing volume to the back of the hands. We typically use 3 CCs over 2 injections and it lasts up to a year. You can view an example below.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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