What Procedure Can Help Fix Botched Liposuction?

I am a 37 year old woman and had liposuction on my hips and thighs 10 years ago. I've been extremely unhappy since because I've looser skin, ripples and much more cellulite.

I had another surgery to correct it and too much fat was taken out and so now I've also got hollows and more dimpling on my outer thighs. I hate how I look naked or in a swimsuit and hope that something can be done!!

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Liposuction defects can usually be improved.

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Obviously, every case is different. But a combination of fat injections, touch up liposuction, and skin excision can make most women look better.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Hard to tell

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Without pictures, it is hard to give you specific recommendations. If you do have depressions, they can be filled out with fat injections. Another option is using the technology that is used to treat cellulite -- SmoothShapes or VelaSmooth.  

Michael Kulick, MD, DDS
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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There may be options

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A good surgeon with experience may be able to improve those areas. depending on the skin tone fat transfer procedures may be able to imporve the appearance. If there is skin excess, a lateral thigh lift may be what is required or a combination of both.

seek out a reputable , ABPS board certified plast surgeon specializing in body contouring to evaluate you.

Michael S. Beckenstein, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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