Which Procedure -- Dermabrasion or Laser -- More Effectively Reduces Bumpy Scar/redness Post-Mohs Surgery?

Sorry, no photos. I had skin flap surgery from the side of my nose, above the nostril, to the bridge 5/5 mos ago. My friends say the surgery is barely visible, but that's because I cover it with so much makeup. Small bumps and a divot dot the scar line on the nose, and there's, redness, aggravated by my glasses, where the nose meets the cheek. Should I wait for more healing or have either dermabrasion or laser done now?

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Scar after nasal reconstruction flap

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Some ridging from a scar after nasal reconstruction may be amenable to dermabrasion or laser abrasion. Best to be seen in person.

Laser scar treatments

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It is possible that dermabrasion or laser abrasion for your scar will be a good choice after a bit more time but right now with the redness you are describing, I would recommend a laser treatment to target and reduce the redness of the scar first. A commonly used laser for this is the Vbeam pulsed dye laser. Once the redness is improved, then the texture changes can be addressed. Newer fractional lasers can give excellent improvement in scar thickness, texture and overall appearance. Both ablative and non-ablative fractional devices can be used such as the Fraxel Re:Pair (ablative) or Fraxel Re:store (non-ablative).

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