What Procedure Do I Need to Deal with my Tired Looking Eyes? (photo)

I have attached a photo. I am not sure what procedure I need... But I want to do something to deal with it.

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Tired eyes

It is difficult to tell from the photo, but it appears you have some fat bags in the lower lids which can be treated with a transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty.  There is also fat pad atrophy over the maxilla/cheek area which is best treated with a small cheek implant.  This will offer a permanent solution , instead of needing fillers every few months

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Tired Looking Eyes

You have fat herniating from underneath your eye muscles. This could be disguised with an injectable like Restylane, or you could have a blepharoplasty to remove the fat pocket. 

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Procedure tired eyes, eyelid bags

Several options are available to treat the eyelid and malar areas.

Fat  injections, Restylane or Artefil are good options to fill the troughs beneath the eyelids and above the cheeks.

Some patients may be good candidates for removing the fat from  malar bags surgically or with the Cellulaze Sidelaze laser.

Please consult in person with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making treatment decisions.

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Tired Eyes

Unfortunately, from your photos I can not see much of your lower eyelids. Your picture is really demonstrating the aged appearance of your cheek.

It appears that you have lost a lot of volume in your cheeks medially. There may be other issues that can not be seen in this photo. Two common ways to address the loss of volume are by injecting either fillers, or your own fat. The latter is potentially permanent as it is actually a "graft" of your own fat.

I would recommend that you have a consultation with a plastic surgeon. That way you can have a  more accurate assessment of your needs and a thorough discussion of your treatment options. Best of luck to you!

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Treatment for tired looking eyes

It is difficult to see what your eyelids look like as they are covered in the photo. i can see that you have a lot of volume loss in your cheeks. Sometimes addressing the sagging and volume loss near the eyelids address the sunken appearance. Consult an experienced injector, preferablly one board-certified in an aesthetic specialty, who can discuss your options.  Skin tightening with a radiofrequency device such as Pelleve may also be an effective, non-invasive option.  Follow the link below to see a before and after.  Good luck!

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You would be helped with facial fillers.

Please take your time to find a very experienced injector.  Generally this will be a physician or surgeon in the aesthetic core: oculoplastics, facial plastics, plastic surgery, or dermatology.  Not all of these providers offer the same level of service.  In your area, it is worth while to seek several opinions before deciding on an injector.  Remember the lowest price and the highest price are not always going to be the best options.  Good luck and happy holidays.

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Eyelid Surgery for Malar Bags

    It is difficult to tell if you need eyelid surgery from the photo, because most of the eyelid is not visible.  The area that probably concerns you is called the malar bag.  This is an exceedingly difficult item to improve reliably and can be corrected through a number of procedures including fat grafting to the areas around it.

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