Is a Tummy Tuck Covered by Insurance?

I would like to get a tummy tuck after 8 kids and losing almost 40 pounds. Is the procedure covered by insurance?

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Tummy tuck covered by insurance

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No, the cosmetic portion of any operation is NOT a covered benefit by any insurance. Unless you are using a unethical surgeon who is willing to commit fraud for you. Be careful you can get what you want but there are large risks involved.


Tummy tuck and insurance costs

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It is very unusual to have it covered by insurance even with a significant weight loss. Sometimes, I have been able to get it copvered if the patient has problems with rashes because of the severe overlap of skin. Watch my video.

Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare or Champus do NOT pay for Cosmetic Surgery

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NONE of our medical insurance programs and Federal health care plans (Medicare, Medicaid, Champus, Tricare ) pay for Cosmetic Surgery (surgery intended to improve appearance instead of function). Any doctor performing such surgery and billing it to these agencies risks serious penalties.

A Tummy Tuck is a cosmetic procedure paid by the individual not the state or private insurers.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Insurance coverage of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

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In my experience, it is highly unlikely that insurance will cover your tummy tuck procedure. If you have a medical savings account that is liberal in it's interpretation of covered procedures, that is likely to be a more probably scenario.


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A tummy tuck is elective cosmetic surgery and not covered by most insurance companies. If yours covers cosmetic surgery then you have a great company.

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